About Ukomelela HR Solutions

As a company emblem we selected the Baobab tree, being the symbol of endurance, conservation, creativity, ingenuity and dialogue.

The baobab is a prehistoric tree that is highly adapted to its environment as is the human resource offerings and solutions we bring to your company, customising the offerings to best suit all your needs.

The baobab is seen as a provider, as we would like to provide for your company. It is home to bats, birds as well as hawks and owls that feed upon the mice living among the baobab's roots. The baobab stores water. Its leaves and white flowers serve as salad for humans.

Its black seeds are similarly edible and when cooked provide a substitute for coffee. The white pulp of the fruit can be boiled into a sherbet-like lemonade that is high in vitamin C. The husk can be used as a calabash. The tree provides no timber, its wood is soft like balsa, but the bark serves as food for elephants in times of drought and can be made into rope, roofing material, and clothing.