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Hiring Someone on a Temporary Employment Contract can be Beneficial

For an employer, making use of a temporary employment contract to hire temporary staff can be beneficial in many ways, for you, your business and for the temporary employee.

A common misconception is that job hunters are only looking for opportunities for permanent employment. However, a temporary contract may fit right into the needs of many individuals who require flexibility.

Hiring a temporary staff member

Temporary Employment Contract

When we look at the daily, monthly and yearly operations of any business, we notice that there is one factor that affects all of them, from the smallest private business to the largest enterprise; employee absence.

Whether planned or unplanned, absenteeism is inevitable. This is where temporary employment can help keep a business afloat.

Apart from needing to fill the gaps of absent staff members, there are often shifts that permanent staff are reluctant to take and often these shifts are not mandatory but rather optional for permanent employees. Most commonly, these are overtime shifts such as Sundays, public holidays or night shift jobs.

However, there are far more significant benefits that come from hiring temporary employees. In this article, we discuss 4 of them.

4 Major Benefits of Hiring Staff on a Temporary Contract

Saves Costs

Permanent staff members are often provided with several benefits such as paid leave, retirement funds and medical aid to name a few.

It’s not mandatory to provide these costly benefits to temporary employees. However, some companies will provide workman’s compensation and overtime rates to temporary staff, depending on the nature of the job which are not as exorbitant as the above-mentioned employee benefits.

Therefore, hiring temporary staff to fulfil certain roles can ultimately save your company on costs.


Temporary employees are supportive in a way that they allow your business to continue operating as normal even in the absence of a key employee.

Furthermore, some businesses require extra hands during busy seasons and others may have a short-term deadline which requires extended hours of production and perhaps additional skills.

Lastly, in cases of retrenchment or budget cuts, temporary employees can fulfil a role during the phasing out of the relevant position.

Skills Development

Temporary employees are often able to provide a fresh perspective in areas that need improvement. This is because they have likely spent many hours in other workplaces and have been exposed to various methods of carrying out certain tasks and have witnessed different ways of approaching obstacles and problem-solving. This is useful experience when your organisation is struggling to find innovative solutions.

Furthermore, some temps are able to carry out specialised tasks or projects that your permanent staff may not have the necessary skills for, ensuring good-quality outcomes.

Sourcing Talent

It can be useful to hire a someone who is highly skilled in their field on a temporary employment contract in order to determine if they will be compatible with the business’ culture and whether they are suitable for the job.

This allows you as an employer to spend enough time with the individual without having to make any long-term employment commitments.

Using temporary staff is an excellent way to attract talent which can be time-consuming and costly when approached more traditionally.

Hiring a temporary staff member

Ukomelela – Human Resource Consultants in Pretoria

The benefits of hiring workers based on a temporary employment contract can have significant knock-on effects which can ultimately result in the successful functioning of your organisation.

At Ukomelela, we offer results-driven human resource solutions that optimise operations through fostering employee satisfaction.

For more information about our human resource services, please feel free to contact us.


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