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Recruiting and Retaining the Right Employees - HR Solutions

Recruiting and retaining the right employees is crucial to every business.

However, in order to retain your best talent, constant attention needs to be given to re-recruitment and internally re-energizing your team. This is important as it solidifies their loyalty and ensures that they remain committed to your company, the same way you would with a potential job candidate.

Recruiting and retaining employees - Human Resource Management Pretoria

Why re-recruit your best talent?

Below are several key reasons why re-recruitment is critical to your business.

  1. They're being recruited

Your best employees are being contacted by your competitors and other recruiters. This is especially true as Social Networks like LinkedIn make it easier for recruiters to access potential candidates.

  1. They have options

Great employees are remarkable for a reason. They have creativity, drive and skills, all of which set them apart from the rest. However, this combined with their reputation and work experience – gives them options. Additionally, their value is easily noticed by others outside of your business.

  1. They want more

Driven employees are always looking for more – different ways to grow their talent, make an impact or improve their on-the-job excitement. Therefore they would rather resist stagnation and go where they can get more of what they are looking for.

  1. It keeps "the fire" alive

Research indicates that employees often begin to feel stagnant, some in as little time as 18 months. The best employees tend to move on when this happens. Re-recruiting facilitates re-energising, re-engaging and re-investing in your employees.

  1. You'll regret losing them.

Losing a great employee hurts. They often move on to work for your competitors, or in some cases they create their own competing business.

How to retain your best employees

  1. Select the right people - Use behaviour-based testing and competency screening to make your selection.
  2. Offer a competitive benefits package – Employees are loyal to employers that look after their best interests.
  3. Provide opportunities for growth and knowledge sharing – training sessions, presentations, mentoring others and team assignments.
  4. Always demonstrate respect for employees – actively listen to ideas and refrain from ridiculing staff in front of other staff.
  5. Make sure to praise staff for good performance – offer feedback upon successful task completion.
  6. Create a happy work environment, one where people can enjoy their work – engage and employ the special talents of each of your staff.
  7. Allow for balance between work and life – Outline core business hours, while allowing flexibility on special occasions.
  8. Identify performance – make sure that salaries and performance are aligned.
  9. Minimise overtime – avoid exhausting staff by making sure there is an adequate amount of staff.
  10. Nurture organisation traditions and unity – celebrate staff at an annual company dinner, pick a charity to help each month, encourage comradery.
  11. Provide opportunities for company for cross-training and growth within the business – people like to know they have room for career movement.
  12. Communicate company goals, employee roles and responsibilities – so people will know what is expected of them and they feel included in the company’s mission.
  13. Encourage friendships at work – staff work better and feel more secure when they form relationships with fellow employees.

Ukomelela HR Solutions – Human Resource Consulting Pretoria

Ukomelela HR Solutions can help you recruit and retain the staff that you want. We provide human resource consulting to companies throughout South Africa.

We offer a complete and affordable outsourced HR service, for all your Human Resources and Industrial Relations needs, including:

  • personnel files,
  • policies and procedures,
  • job descriptions,
  • employment contracts,
  • Employment Equity,
  • payroll and BEE compliance,
  • performance management,
  • recruitment,
  • disciplinary matters,
  • and strategic HR initiatives

For more information about our services and how we can assist your business, please contact us.


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