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Tips for Minimizing Workplace Negativity – Human Resources Management

Human resources management is one of the most important aspects to any successful business.

However, it can often be relatively challenging and requires someone who is passionate with well-developed interpersonal skills to do the job.

Ongoing workplace negativity is not uncommon and if not addressed in time or in the correct manner, a widespread effect on staff morale is inevitable.

Working in a negative environment begins to drain the energy from your employees, consequently draining your entire organisation.

Furthermore, critical attention is deflected from performance and productivity.

Minimising Workplace Negativity - Human Resources Management Consultants Pretoria

What is human resources management?

Human resources management is the strategic, effective management of a business’s employees in order to ensure that they are the driving force behind the business’s success.

This means that an HR manager works closely with the different departments of the business as well as the department managers and all the employees in each department.

Monitoring the key performance areas of staff members as well as conducting staff appraisals are two ways which help the HR manager to identify workplace negativity before it grows beyond control.

5 main functions of human resource management

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Orientation
  • Maintaining good working conditions
  • Managing employee relations
  • Training and development

Avoiding workplace negativity – The importance of human resources management

Negativity is often a result of loss of community and understanding why employees are negative is the first step in finding a suitable resolution.

As the HR manager, you are responsible for talking with the staff members so that you can identify where the negativity is stemming from and who is experiencing it.

Once you are able to gain an understanding of why the employees are unhappy, you can then devise a strategic plan to diffuse the situation, before it erupts.

Tips for minimising workplace negativity

By using these tips, you can significantly minimise workplace negativity in your organisation

  • Always be fair and consistent – ensure that policies and procedures are applied in a consistent manner to all relevant staff members.
  • Allow time for staff to express their opinions – simply making a change to policies or procedures without allowing the staff to share their feelings about it creates a sense of separation. When employees are going to be directly affected by the changes made, it is important that they are given the opportunity to be heard. In addition, it is important to provide a prompt response to their concerns or questions
  • Be inclusive – decisions made that exclude the input of the employees in question are almost guaranteed to cause negativity. Including the relevant employees in decision making allows them to feel regarded as important which directly influences their morale.
  • Start from a place of trust – earning trust is only applicable once it has been broken. Allow your employees to feel trusted and worthy of respect from the beginning
  • Encourage skills development – offer training and workshops to your staff. Skills development will not only benefit your staff member, but your business too. When your employees are able to take on a new role due to adequate training, they will have a more positive overall approach.
  • Effective communication in the workplace – make sure that you distribute important information across your entire compliment of staff. Negativity arises when employees hear important news through the grapevine instead of directly from the manager.
  • Focus on leadership development in the workplace – putting emphasis on training the department managers on how to be effective leaders will have a huge impact on the way staff perceive their employers.

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