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12 Tips for Team Building in the Workplace - HR Consulting Pretoria

Ukomelela provides HR Consulting in Pretoria, as well as assistance with human resources management for companies throughout South Africa.

In this article we share the benefits that teambuilding has for businesses and their workforce, and how to encourage teambuilding in your business.

Teambuilding - HR Consulting Pretoria

Team building is an effective way of creating a stronger bond between colleagues and encouraging collaboration and team work on a daily basis.

In general, team building provides the opportunity for employees to see each other from a different perspective while allowing them to connect in a setting that is less serious than the workplace.

This connection is then carried over into the workplace, enhancing productivity and minimising conflict.

Team building should be a popular topic in every workplace. However, not many businesses understand how to go about developing an effective team.

When someone belongs to a team, they feel part of something important – in this case, the organisation. Therefore, for a team to be truly effective, it’s important that each member understands the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the organisation.

An environment which is team-driven, as part of the team you can contribute to the greater success of the business or organisation.

In order to achieve the best possible results, team work is essential. Regardless of your job title or which department you belong to, you are ultimately part of a bigger team.

Your organisation is like a puzzle which cannot be considered whole without each and every piece. If one department doesn’t operate efficiently, the entire organisation will bear the consequences.

Team building exercises or seminars are often considered unsuccessful because there has not been a clear distinction between the idea of overall team work and the task of developing an effective team.

As one of the top HR companies in South Africa, we understand how important team building is as part of overall human resources management and have put together a list of ways to effectively build a focused, driven team within your organisation.

12 Tips for effective team building

  • Clarify expectations – it’s important to clearly communicate expectations and desired outcomes. Make sure the team members understand why the team exists. Furthermore, place emphasis on time, attention and interest in the team, allowing the team to feel supported.
  • What is the context – do the team members understand their individual roles within the team and how the team will contribute towards achieving the organisation’s goals?
  • Commitment – it’s important to establish whether or not the team members are willing to participate within the team and are committed to achieving the expected outcomes. In addition, ensure the team members feel excited for the challenge ahead.
  • Is the team competent? – have the team members been appropriately allocated? Ensure that your team feels that all members are equipped with the skills set and knowledge required to tackle the issues the team was initially developed for. Additionally, it’s important that the team has access to any resources that it may need to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Charter – allow the team the opportunity to design its own mission and strategies in order to achieve the overall mission set out by the organisation. Supply the team with the relevant tool needed to measure the outcomes of its work.
  • Control – empower the team in such a way that they have the freedom to take ownership of their roles which will allow it to achieve its charter goals. Make sure that the team knows its limitations in terms of time and resources, before going ahead with the project. Ensure the team members are able to hold each other accountable for individual roles and commitments.
  • Collaboration – Endeavour to make sure the team members understand all the stages of group development and that the members all work together while understanding and respecting one another’s individual roles. Effective process improvement, problem solving and goal setting all form part of collaboration.
  • Effective communication – Encourage and provide open lines of communication, allowing time and space to give and receive feedback. Furthermore, encourage team members to communicate effectively with one another.
  • Innovation – establish the organisations desire to achieve change. Assess the organisation’s willingness to embrace creative thinking and new ideas. Reasonable risk to make improvements should be rewarded. Ask whether or not the organisation invests in training and education which can stimulate forward thinking.
  • Consequences – recognition is given when teams are successful. Discourage finger pointing when problems arise. Those who have contributed to growth must have the opportunity to see the results of their input.
  • Coordination – coordinate teams by using a central leadership team that helps the groups reach their goals. Teams across all departments must be coordinated with one another.
  • Change of culture – the new collaborative, team-based structure of the organisation may be different to its current structure which is based upon hierarchy. Encourage all members of the organisation to accept these changes in order to improve the functioning of its teams.

Ukomelela – HR Consulting Pretoria

We are one of the few HR companies in Pretoria who believe the most important resource is human resources and we strive for excellent results through professional assistance with HR management.

Our goal is to be one of the best HR companies in South Africa and we work closely with your organisation, on an on-going basis to help your business achieve the best possible results. Contact us to find out how we can assist you.


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