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Strategic Human Resource Management - Employee Training

Strategic human resource management focuses largely on employee training, which in turn is aimed at communicating with as well as teaching employees of an organisation relevant information and instructions.

HR Consulting - Strategic human resource management

Objectives of strategic human resource management

The purpose of training employees is to increase and improve their performance. Furthermore, adequate training results in the employee gaining a necessary set of skills or level of knowledge in order to perform optimally in his or her job.

Importance of strategic human resource management

Employees are more likely to choose an employer who is committed to employee training and development.

It’s also an important factor when predicting whether or not your organisation will retain an employee after they have been hired.

Furthermore, employee training and development plays a crucial role in general staff motivation and morale. A high level of morale directly influences employee retention.

Employees thrive when they are provided with the opportunity to grow and develop. These are employees who are happy and satisfied with their job and who will want to stay in your employ.

Strategic human resource management

Employees generally look for certain things when it comes to training opportunities. Understanding what these things are gives you, as the employer, an opportunity to provide the most suitable training options for your staff.

The following are two crucial factors to consider should you wish to increase the value of your employee training and development:

  • You should allow your employees to pursue directions which they are most interested in rather than only allowing company-assigned directions. Both of these are equally important and necessary.
  • Make sure that your organisation supports learning in general. The important part is to keep your staff engaged and interested by providing a healthy and well-established learning environment.

Training options for employees

Training opportunities do not only exist outside of the work environment such as in training classes or seminars.

In fact, there is equal opportunity for internal training which is found within the content of the employees’ job and responsibilities.

Additionally, there are activities that you can engage in with your employees, before, during and after their training which will actively enhance what they have learned.

Benefits of strategic human resource management

By providing these opportunities, you begin creating dedicated, loyal and hard-working employees who will contribute positively to their own personal growth as well as the growth of your business.

Job content and responsibilities

An employees’ current job in itself provides a significant opportunity for his or her training and development.

What the employee does as well as the content of his or her job also plays an important role for professional development.

These are some ways in which you can provide training through the jobs your employees are already performing:

  • Provide the employee with more authority and allow them to make decisions as well as self-manage their roles. The opportunity to self-manage encourages the employee to step up to the plate and perform at their very best
  • Allow the employee more access to important meetings. This gives them a sense of importance
  • Expand their job where possible in order to include new levels of responsibilities which will push them to stretch their knowledge and abilities
  • Assign employees to a leadership role for new projects. This enhances leadership and management skills
  • Encourage the department manager to spend more time with the employees as a means to mentor and coach the employee, thereby enhancing skills and knowledge of the internal workings of his or her department and other parts of the organisation
  • Reassign roles and responsibilities within the department. This allows for enhancement of skills while alleviating employee boredom

Internal training and development

Internal training and development allow employees the opportunity to receive training without having to leave the premises. This makes it more accessible and therefore more attractive.

Generally, internal training highlights your organisations ethos, goals and needs far more accurately than what external training offers.

  • Allow the employee to attend a training session which is offered internally. This training session can be informal or formal
  • Make sure the employee understands their responsibility to carry over information learned in the training session to their colleagues
  • Purchase relevant books or even start an employee book club where employees can share what they have learned from reading the books, thereby expanding each other’s knowledge
  • Provide a training portal on an intranet, or any other platform which is accessible to all employees

External training and development

By allowing your employees to attend external training, you give them the opportunity to bring new and fresh ideas into the workplace.

These ideas can enhance work-flow, productivity, moral and dedication.

  • Allow employees the opportunity to attend an external training, conference, seminar or speaker. Make sure they understand their responsibility to share the information with their colleagues
  • Provide the opportunity for either paid or unpaid online courses which can enhance their skills and knowledge
  • Allow flexibility in the employee’s schedule. This gives them the opportunity to attend night classes or other forms of formal education
  • Offer the opportunity for your employees to receive a loan or some form of financial assistance from the company, should they meet the requirements

It’s easy to see how far and wide the opportunities are spread when it comes to employee training and development.

Furthermore, the benefits of providing a fair opportunity for your employees to grow are undeniable.

Allowing your employees these kinds of opportunities fosters motivation, success and retention which are obvious benefits for your organisation.

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