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10 Best ways to find the right employee for the job

Ukomelela aims to be the most effective HR recruiter in Pretoria by offering recruitment services that include sourcing and placing candidates on behalf of our clients.

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Importance of hiring the right employee

Employees are easily the most valuable asset in any business. Without employees, a business will not be able to operate effectively.

What’s more important is actually selecting the right candidate for the job. Simply filling the position with someone is not good enough as this may weigh down the operations of the organisation.

Having quality staff not only ensures the business has enough human resources to handle the workload but directly impacts a business’s financial worth as well as brand awareness. This will ultimately lead to the organisation's success.

Although there is no guarantee that each new employee will be perfect for the job, there are certain employee recruitment strategies that increase the chances of hiring the right employee.

How to find the right employee

  • Define the job thoroughly before hiring

Start by doing a job analysis. This allows you to gather relevant information about the responsibilities, duties, necessary skills and expected outcomes of the job in question.

This information is paramount to properly defining the job description for the potential employee. Additionally, the job description can assist you with your recruitment strategy.

  • Plan your recruitment strategy

Call a meeting with the key employees who are involved with hiring the new employee, making sure the hiring manager is present. Use this meeting to plan your recruitment strategy before initiating the hiring process. Make sure the job description is available to everyone attending the meeting.

  • Use a checklist

Checklists help you to make sure you use a systematic approach when following the recruitment process. This checklist will help you keep track of your efforts and can serve as a means of recording your progress and communicating it to the relevant staff members.

  • Recruit the right candidates

Developing relationships with potential candidates long before you need them will help you recruit a pool of qualified and skilled individuals. Having a pool of candidates readily available will increase the chances of you hiring the right employee.

  • Go over CVs and applications carefully

Use your established job description as a checklist when reviewing applications and CVs. In doing so, you are able to eliminate applications which are not perfectly suited to the job and therefore will only be interviewing most qualified candidates. This helps you save valuable time during the recruitment process.

  • Pre-screen potential candidates

This step can also minimise the time wasted on interviewing candidates who are not qualified for the available job. Often, a candidate appears to be suited when looking at their CV, however, a well-structured telephonic conversation will quickly highlight any factors which show that the candidate is not what you are looking for.

  • Ask the right questions during the interview

The job interview is the single most valuable step in the hiring process and it’s imperative to make the most out of the time allocated to each interview.

By asking the right questions you are able to separate desirable candidates from those who are not meeting criteria. This helps you ensure that you are choosing the right employee for the job.

  • Check references and backgrounds

Background checks help you verify that the candidate does in fact possess the skills and experience they claim to have. These background checks include educational achievements, criminal history and former employment references.

Checking references gives you an opportunity to learn about the person from someone who has worked with them before.

  • Be careful of nepotism

Hiring someone because you like them, know them or feel they are similar to you is not an effective way of hiring someone. Make sure that you are hiring someone based on their skills, qualifications and suitability.

  • Use employment letters

Have template letters which will assist you in making job offers, welcoming new employees to the company or rejecting job candidates. This shows professionalism and can be the foundation to building a good relationship with new employees as well as future candidates.

Ukomelela – HR recruiter in Pretoria

We can help streamline recruitment and ensure that your business finds the right employees for the job.

From job profiling to candidate interviews and short-listing – Ukomelela has you covered. Contact our HR recruiter in Pretoria for more information.


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