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Employment Equity Compliance

The aim of the Employment Equity Act is to promote equal opportunities and fair treatment to all in the workplace by eliminating unfair discrimination.

Employment Equity Compliance - HR Consultants Pretoria

Who should I comply?

According to the Act, organisations become a designated employer when they employ more than 50 employees and organisations with less than 50 employees with an annual turnover exceeding the prescribed threshold as per the table:

Subsector Total annual Turnover
Agriculture R6.00m
Mining and quarrying R22.50m
Manufacturing R30.00m
Electricity, gas and water R30.00m
Construction R15.00m
Retail and motor trade and repair services R45.00m
Wholesale trade, commercial agents and Allied services R75.00m
Catering, accommodation and other trade R15.00m
Transport, storage and communications R30.00m
Finance and business services R30.00m
Community, social and personal services R15.00m

What are the benefits of becoming compliant?

  • Ensure legal compliance and avoid huge fines (up to R2.7m).
  • Increase your B-BBEE (Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment) score by maximising your points on the Employment Equity element of the scorecard.
  • Fast track the process of creating a diverse workforce.

Ukomelela HR Solutions - Employment Equity Compliance

Ukomelela-HR can assist you in becoming compliant with the Employment Equity Act:

Employment Equity Plan

  • Facilitate the consultation process with the Employment Equity committee and possible affirmative action measures to eliminate any possible barriers. Or assist in appointing an EE Manager and assist in appointing, introducing and establishing the EE committee's constitutionalising responsibilities.
  • Analysing the result of the consultation process and developing an Employment Equity plan of 1 - 5 years. The Employment Equity plan will include targets and affirmative action measures for approval by management and the Employment Equity committee.
  • Facilitate the approval process with the Employment Equity committee.
  • Ensure that employees are on the correct occupational level (benefit for B-BBEE scorecard).

Employment Equity Reporting (Annually)

  • Collect and analyse information to submit yearly (EEA2 and EEA4 reports as required by the Act).
  • Ensure that the Employment Equity plan is in line with the business's strategy as well as the Workplace Skills Plan.
  • Assist with and provide onsite assistance during the Department of Labour audits.

Follow these links for copies of key reports (link Department of labour/ open word document when selecting):

  • EEA1 – Employee Declaration
  • EEA2 – Employment Equity Report
  • EEA4 – Income Differential Report
  • EEA12 – Employment Equity Analysis
  • EEA13 – Employment Equity Plan

For more information about employment equity compliance, please contact us.