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Human Resource Policies and Procedures

HR Policies

HR policies are clear, simple statements of how your organisation intends to conduct its services, actions or business. They provide a set of guiding principles, to help with decision making.

HR Policies & Procedures

Policies don't need to be long or complicated – a couple of sentences may be all you need for each policy area.

HR Procedures

Procedures describe how each policy will be put into action in your organisation. Each procedure should outline:

  • Who will do what
  • What steps they need to take
  • Which forms or documents to use.

Procedures might just be a few bullet points or instructions. Sometimes they work well as forms, checklists, instructions or flowcharts.

Policies and their accompanying procedures will vary between workplaces because they reflect the values, approaches and commitments of a specific organisation and its culture.

Ukomelela HR Solutions - HR Policies and Procedures

Ukomelela-HR solutions offers a comprehensive service for company policies, procedures and forms. Set policies and procedures will form the foundation, for the reasonable behavioural requirements, expected of your employees.

  • Review/audit the current company Policies and Procedures and make recommendations.
  • Compile new policies and procedures.
  • Review current HR processes and HR personnel in question to propose changes.
  • Propose a maintenance strategy going forward.
  • All data will be presented in hard and/or soft copy.
  • Ensure that all legislative summaries are clearly visible to all employees.
  • Conduct communication workshops to explain policies and procedures to management and employees.

Policies to implement according to the Employment Equity Barriers:

  • Disciplinary Code                                             
  • Recruitment & Selection Policy                            
  • Payroll Policy                                                      
  • Employment Policy                                          
  • Ergonomic Policy                                              
  • Training & Development Policy                  
  • Performance Management Policy             
  • Succession & Retention Policy                    
  • Travel & Accommodation Policy                 
  • Wellness/ HIV/AIDS Policy

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