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Job Descriptions - HR Consultants Pretoria

Job descriptions are one of the most important pieces of documentation an employer must have. Job descriptions clarify and enhance communication between employer and employee.

Job Descriptions - HR Consultants Pretoria

They are critical in supporting nearly every employment action, including recruiting, compensation, promotion, discipline, and termination.

Job Descriptions will have the following advances for your business:

  • Job descriptions assure, your staff duties align with your company vision.
  • They allow you to make informed hiring decisions by developing recruiting strategies that clearly outline to applicants their role and responsibilities.
  • When conducting interviews, job descriptions should form the foundation for the development of interview questions.
  • Job descriptions can also be used to determine areas in need of training and development when expectations or requirements are not being met.
  • Having clear job descriptions also allows for a basis on which to develop compensation plans that ensure jobs are being compensated in ways that reflect their levels of responsibility and qualification in the organization.
  • Finally, when used as a means to communicate expectations, job descriptions can also be used as a basis for performance management.

Ukomelela HR Solutions - HR Consultants Pretoria, South Africa

Ukomelela-HR Solutions can assist by:

  • Review/ Audit current job descriptions and amend where needed.
  • Compile new job descriptions if none available.
  • Align job descriptions to company strategy.
  • Objective setting - SMART principles (KPI's)
  • Salary Benchmarking- outsourced to a third party.

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