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Personnel File Data Management

Sound record management is of fundamental importance in personnel administration.

Personnel File Data Management - HR Consultants

It forms the basis for formulating and evaluating policies, managing finance and personnel, providing a basis for accountability and protecting the rights of individuals. Despite the importance of good record keeping, it can be easily neglected.

Companies don't always have the facilities to keep electronic and/or employee files in a safe and secure environment. That means commercially vital data can be lost forever – unless it is backed up frequently.

Ukomelela HR Solutions - Personnel File Data Management

Ukomelela-HR uses comprehensive software that enjoys a high level of data security – without compromising authorised access. Our offices are in a safe and secure location, ensuring all files are kept safe.

Ukomelela-HR Solutions will maintain personnel information for each employee in order to have a complete, accurate and current record of the employee’s salary and job history by the touch of a button.

By utilising our electronic service, the client will have access to the system at all times, to retrieve personnel information needed.

Ukomelela-HR’s services include:

  • Index all personnel files to comply with BCEA (Basic Conditions of Employment Act) and LRA (Labour Relations Act) legislation.
  • Ensure the completeness of all current personnel files.
  • Develop a process and maintenance strategy (control and audit) to ensure that relevant information is obtained timeously.
  • All data can be administrated/ maintained in hard and soft copy

General rules of what to keep in a personnel file:

  • Keep only what you need.
  • All important, job related documents, including and not limited to employment applications, internal evaluations, disciplinary documentation, payroll records, injury reports and performance assessments, etc.

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