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Industrial Relations Management

Industrial relations is the management of work-related obligations and entitlements between employers and their employees.

Ukomelela HR Solutions proactively implements best practice and procedures in Industrial Relations.

We ensure optimal staff performance, reduced workplace conflict and minimised risk in dismissing staff, all within the required legislative framework.

Industrial Relations Management

Good industrial relation procedures will romote:

  • Reduction in Industrial Disputes – Good industrial relations, reduce industrial disputes. Strikes, lockouts, go-slow tactics and grievances are some of the reflections of industrial uproars, which do not commence in an atmosphere of industrial peace. It helps promoting co-operation and increasing production.
  • High morale – Good industrial relations, improve the morale of the employees. Employees work with great devotion, feeling that the interest of employer and employees is one and the same. Complete unity of thought and action is the main achievement of industrial peace. This affects production because, mighty co-operative efforts alone can produce great results.
  • Mental Revolution – The main object of industrial relation is a complete mental revolution of employers and employees. The industrial peace lies ultimately in a transformed outlook of both. Employers and employees should think themselves as partners of the industry, the role of workers in such a partnership should be recognized. Workers should also recognize employer’s authority. This will have an impact on production as they recognize the interest of each other.
  • Reduced Wastage – Good industrial relations are maintained based on cooperation and recognition of each other. It will help increase production. Wastage of man, material and machines are reduced to the minimum.

How can Ukomelela-HR Solutions assist you:

  • Review the current company status quo.
  • Make recommendations on changes and/or implement disciplinary policy, procedures and working documentation including, but not limited to:
  • Warnings, notifications of disciplinary hearings, grievance process.
  • Disciplinary code.
  • Retrenchment policy and related procedure.
  • Incapacity-, III Health-, Poor performance- policies and related procedures.
  • Chairing of disciplinary hearings.
  • Representing the company at the CCMA.
  • Training of management on all labour related matters including disciplinary code, policies and procedures.

Ukomelela HR Solutions - Industrial Relations Management

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