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Payroll Administration Services

Payroll administration is becoming more onerous for the small and medium sized business.

Not only must the Payroll Administration functions run smoothly with the correct levies and taxes being paid, but a comprehensive database of employee information complying with statutory requirements needs to be maintained.

Payroll Administration Services

To improve payroll effectiveness:

1.    Conduct regular, ongoing audits.

Frequent employee complaints about payroll are signals, that you should be conducting regular audits of the entire process. The best way to isolate and identify an issue is through a comprehensive workflow analysis, itemizing each step of the process from beginning to end.

2.    Institute a transparent payroll policy

Problems often come about as a result of employee misunderstanding of the payroll system. Most often in organizations where payroll policies are not accessible or inadequately presented to employees this can be corrected by instituting a wholly transparent payroll policy.

3.    Seek employee input to improve payroll process effectiveness.

Even with a policy of transparency, never assume that employees fully understand the ins and outs of payroll processing. Communicating with employees can help identify areas of confusion and misunderstanding.

4.    Know payroll tax policies

It is important that you and your HR staff understand the employee’s obligation in this area and that you keep pace with changes in government policies.

Ukomelela HR Solutions - Payroll Administration Services

Remember, payroll is how you reward and retain employees, compensating them for the work they've done. This is why Ukomelela HR Solutions is here to assist you with all your payroll needs by offering the following payroll services:

  • Guaranteed confidentiality of payroll information
  • Ensuring payroll compliance with the latest Income Tax Legislation and SARS requirements
  • Processing of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payrolls
  • Leave administration and reporting
  • Assist with application for tax directives pertaining to the payroll
  • Monthly reports provided as per the client’s requirements
  • Issue salary advices to employees
  • Electronic payment of net salaries to individual employees
  • Submission of monthly statutory reports: EMP201, UIF Declarations
  • Prepare the annual IRP5 returns of employees who have been administered on the payroll during the tax year
  • Completing Workmen’s Compensation annual return and submit timeously
  • Manage communication from the SARS and other institutions relating to the payroll

For more information about our payroll administration services, please contact us.


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All about PAYE - Pay-As-You-Earn - Employee Tax

PAYE, or Employees’ tax, is the tax that employers must deduct from the employment income of employees – such as salaries, wages and bonuses, this should be paid over to SARS monthly. 

At Ukomelela-HR we help you stay tax compliant by managing your payroll properly.

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