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Skills Development - B-BBEE Codes

WSP/ ATR - Workplace Skills Plan - Annual Training Report

Skills Development Learnerships (employed and unemployed) are a priority element under the Amended B-BBEE codes.

Ukomelela HR Solutions can assist you with the submission of your Company’s Workplace Skills Plan - Annual Training Report to your relevant SETA. We have the necessary means and tools to make your WSP-ATR submission process easier and more efficient.

Skills Development - Workplace Skilll Plan & Annual Training Report

How does Ukomelela-HR assist entities?

  • Conduct a skills audit;
  • Compiling the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP), Annual Training Report (ATR); Pivotal plan and report for submission to the relevant SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority);
  • Submission of Skills Reports to the relevant SETA;
  • In conjunction with Skills College, identification of suitable training courses and training providers;
  • Aligning skills development activities with B-BBEE (Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment) requirements;
  • Establishing Skills Development Committees and facilitating the meetings of the Committee (If required);
  • Appointing/ Acting as Skills Development Facilitators (SDF’s) and registering SDF’s with the relevant SETA;
  • SETA transfers.
  • Claiming discretionary and mandatory grants.
  • In conjunction with Skills College, setting up and managing learnerships, apprenticeships & bursary programmes.

Why should companies submit a WSP/ ATR?

The Skills Development Act (2008) requires companies/organisations, with more than 50 employees or a total wage bill of more than R500,000 to pay SDL (Skills Development Levies) to SARS on a monthly basis.

SARS then distributes these funds to the respective SETA’s which in turn make funds available to its levy paying companies/organisations.

Furthermore, the act requires companies to submit WSP-ATR annually to the company’s relevant SETA. The submission of this report is thus a legal requirement.

What is a WSP/ ATR?

A Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) is a strategic document that articulates how the employer is going to address the training and development needs in the workplace during the coming year.

An Annual Training Report (ATR) is a report that provides an overview of all training that took place during the previous year.

This report consists of all the proof of expenditure for training that commenced in the previous year, details of the training providers used as well as proof of the employees that went for training that year (attendance registers and certificates).

Additional benefits of submitting your WSP/ATR

  1. Receive cash back to the value of 20% of your SDL as mandatory grants. Mandatory grants can be claimed for training only if the WSP- ATR is correct and submitted on time. These grants can be up to the value of 20% of the total skills levy paid by the employer through an annual contribution 1% of payroll.
  2. Claim additional funding for training through discretionary grant programmes. The submission of the WSP-ATR and claiming mandatory grants is also incentivised further. Organisations that meet timeous deadlines with qualitative reports stand to claim additional discretionary grants to fund their skills development initiatives. Companies can apply for funding for scares skills training within their industry.
  3. Increased productivity and return on investment for training. A skilled and trained workforce will result in monetary benefits such as labour savings, employee retention, reduction in lost workdays, improved employee morale and an increase in productivity. The drafting and implementation of a WSP enables companies/organisations to better manage human capital development within the company (and community).

Ukomelela HR Solutions - Skills Development & B-BBEE Codes

For more information about the amended B-BBEE codes and skills development, workplace skills plans and learnerships, please contact us.